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All fees quoted below are common and customary fees.  However, fees (and who pays for them) can change based on the Purchase Agreement, lender requirements, and title issues specific to the property. Call us today for a quote!

Closing Fees

Residential Buyer's Fees (MN):

Title Services  $415.00 (Title Search $150.00/Exam & Commitment $200.00/Plat Drawing $65.00)

Closing Fee $250.00

Title Insurance:  Old Republic Rate Calculator

                              CTIC Rate Calculator


Residential  Seller's Fees (mN):

 Closing Fee: $150.00

Deed/Doc Prep: $100.00 per document as needed


Miscellaneous Fees:

Misc. Legal Document Prep:                 
 $100.00 per document as needed

Outgoing Wire:                $25.00 per wire as needed

Overnight Delivery :        $25.00 per pkg as needed

Abstracting Fees

Disclaimer: Please note that, on rare occasions, if a title search is especially difficult or time consuming, the below fees may increase to reflect the additional work required.

O&E REports:

  • Residential: $75

  • Commercial: $150

  • Update: $50

  • "Final" O&E Update (After closing): $40

Tract Search Fees (per Parcel):

  • Name Search: $10 per name

  • Copies: $1 / page per copy

  • Taxes: $10 per parcel

  • Special Assessments: $10 + what we are charged

  10 Year Search -   $50 + fees above

   20 Year Search - $100 + fees above

   30 Year Search - $125 + fees above

   40 Year Search  - $150 + fees above

Abstracts of title & Registered Property Abstracts (RPA's):

The cost to create or update an abstract of title can vary widely based on when the abstract was last updated, and the number and complexity of documents in the chain of title.  Much like how a mechanic can often not give a quote without "looking under the hood", it can be difficult to estimate costs without a preliminary look at the title.  Ballpark at least $250 for an update and $1000 for a new Abstract of Title.

Call our office at 218-722-0052 for a more accurate quote.              


Document Retrieval (Document # provided): $25.00 + $1 per page of copies

Name Search (Judgments, tax liens, etc.): $15 base fee + $10 per name searched

Recording Service: $25 fee + county fees ($46 [MN] / $30 [WI]) + applicable county taxes

  • "Walk-through" rush recording: +$25

Plat Sketch: $75-$100

UCC Search: $30 + $20 per name searched